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Footlogix products provides fast and effective results from your services to continuing use at home. Their unique products are lightweight, non-occlusive and easy to apply- leaving no greasy residue. Through the Footlogix® proprietary Dermal Infusion Technology® (DIT) active ingredients are carried into all the layers of the epidermis, helping to restore it to a healthy state. 


Luxio is 100% pure gel that is odorless and solvent free. Because it is not mixed with polish like some other brands, it offers more durability without any of the traditional side effects.

​Benefits of Luxio:

  • no white spots on the natural nails after removal

  • does not dry or thin the natural nail

  • excellent adhesion (no aggressive nail prep or filing needed)

  • no smell

  • no solvents or thinners

  • easy and fast removal 

    Formulated to coat and protect the natural nail, Luxio is the perfect choice for a long lasting gel manicure or pedicure.



Not an acrylic, not a hard gel, Gelish® PolyGel® combines the best of both in a revolutionary all-in-one system that's undeniably better! Gelish® PolyGel® delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails, that is odorless and with no airborne dust.

Famous Names

Dadi’®Oil offers fast, non-greasy deep penetration and a clean, light aroma made up of 21 essential oils. The benefits of Dadi’ Oil include:

  • Absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply.

  • Enhances flexibility and prevents nail brittleness.

  • Great moisturizer for the skin with quick, non-greasy penetration.

  • Why use non-certified oils when you can have 95% certified organic Dadi’®Oil?


The NAKED MANICURE system works by instantly correcting cosmetic nail problems and delivering therapeutic benefits to nails long term.

INSTANT RESULTS are obtained through the use of the NAKED MANICURE Perfectors. The six Perfectors use optical diffusers, keratin fillers, micronized reflective color pigments and micro thin film formers to create an ultra sheer veil which ensures that the natural vibrancy of the nail is enhanced rather than concealed. The Perfectors contain a proprietary blend of finely ground pigments, vitamins and botanicals that also help to promote micro-circulation and oxygen exchange.

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS are delivered through a meticulous blend of vitamins, proteins and botanicals carefully infused in the NAKED MANICURE Treatments and Perfectors that help improve the condition and appearance of the nail.

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